Woodland Rustic Wedding

The wedding season is approaching.. so I will be showing you a beautiful yet simple woodland wedding. I'm not sure what I love most about woodland weddings, but one has to be the creation of such a surreal moment that lasts forever. Woodland weddings display adventure with an atmosphere full of fairytales. This couples love for nature shows through with rustic vibes and intimacy with a relaxed feel. This type of wedding is less expensive and worth it, since we all know how expensive weddings can get. The rustic and vintage detail of this wedding create breathtaking pictures that will inspire you. (Captured by Beatrice Photography)

The trees and leaves create so much greenery.. this couple used flowers to create an intimate feel for their special day. The best thing about a woodland wedding is that the woodland setting decorates itself. You just have to add some finishing touches that are natural and simple.

Rustic decor is essential to your wedding. Mason Jars are the perfect accent for your special day!

This couple has an unspoken bond and the photos make that visible. Does it really get anymore perfect? Garland arch to make the perfect backdrop to say "I Do." The woodland wedding arch was such a romantic detail added to their ceremony. This scene truly makes a beautiful day. They loved sharing their "I Do's" with the people that mean most.


Ditch the heels and go for a more comfortable and relaxed look.

The inspiration is pulled from the landscape for two nature lovers getting married with a perfect intimate meal.

"I will remember this day for the rest of my life. I love my husband for all that he is. He truly is my rainbow after a storm, and I am beyond lucky that I have found my happiness. The best thing I have done was to share my heart with him."

Simple yet beautiful!

Cant forget about the Flower Girl! She stole the show and helped create this special day. This dress is vintage-inspired made up of soft fabrics with stunning details that never go out of style. 

Dress your flower girl with the "Bella" or "Madison" from our collection. 

She will look so sweet in "The Bella." This dress is too cute for words, and she will shine anywhere she wears it! The Bella is floor length that comes in White and Ivory The gorgeous bow in the back is made of satin, and the dress is made of the softest lace.The Bella has long sleeves with a straight across neckline that will make her look elegant and lovely. The antique lace is stretchy, comfy, and well fitted. The detail work on the lace is something that will catch all eyes.

The Madison you cannot go wrong with this timeless look for an elegant girl made with soft and delicate fabric.The volume of this skirt is beautiful and full, the top of the dress is a sleeveless lace, and is gorgeously detailed. This handmade dress Bodice is full lace made with a soft lining.

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