Vintage Elegant Wedding.

A vintage wedding is one of the most romantic and loved themes today. A vintage theme to your wedding can make for such a beautiful and romantic feel to your day.  Couples are incorporating different eras, different styles and a huge array of vintage ideas in their wedding. Every detail played to the vintage vibe this couple created for their special day. The couple drew from that vintage vibe and added an elegant mix of florals and minimal, vintage-inspired decor that complemented the venue perfectly. I absolutely love the served up vintage elegance Whitney and Ryan's wedding turned out to be, and Bethany did an amazing job capturing every single bit of it! This beautiful day was dreamt up by the bride, Whitney, to be centered around laughter, family and a whole lot of flowers. The overall vibe was whimsical, laid-back, and wildly romantic. Congratulations to Whitney and Ryan! Cheers to love and happiness. I love this unforgettable love story!!!!

Flower girl Dress: The Bella

"I never dreamed that I would find someone who challenged me to see the world in the way that you do; a man who makes me laugh and love with abandon, a man who even after years together still gives me butterflies when he walks through the door. I didn’t believe that I could find a man who would remind me every single day to dream bigger, to work harder, to open my heart to the possibilities of this beautiful life."

I never realized that I could love anyone as much as I love you

         I love you not only for who you are, but for who you inspire me to be. 

"I love that over the past seven years, I have never faced life’s challenges without your unconditional love. you are the reason that I fight so incredibly hard to be the best person that I can be. You give me a reason to make every single day even better than the last. You have shown me what it means to live and love, to give of my heart fully, to wake up every morning with the hope of helping others. You are my soulmate. My other half. The piece of my heart that I never knew was missing. You have breathed life and inspiration into this little piece of  the universe, my world, and have helped me to grow into the woman that I am today. 

I promise to inspire you the way you have always inspired me, to lift you up when you falter, to bring you coffee in bed and kiss your cheeks when they are stained with the tears of hardship and the tears of happiness."


Photographer: Bethany Small photography.                                                     Venue: Postlewaits Country Weddings
Cake: Landry Del Cakes
Dress: Flower girl dress: Sixpence Boutique & Co - Brides Dress: Sara Seven