Pretty Flower Girl Dresses For A Summer Wedding

There are always questions asked like what should a flower girl wear...As we know flower girls are one of the cutest people at the wedding! White dresses are the traditional choice! Bohemian lace and classic tulle are perfect choices for any wedding! The flower girl and her dress are big points on a to-do list! Sixpence Boutique & Co has a beautiful collection to make dress shopping a whole lot easier!

It's definitely no secret that almost every bride wants to have a flower girl in their wedding. White lace dresses with beachy hair is the perfect ultimate summer look! Flower girl dresses are always so adorable! But these are the top trends that continue to merge when it comes to wedding season! So many couples get married in the summer because you can make the most out of the outdoor venues and weather! Scroll and take a look at unique but simple flower girl dresses that will make her feel magical! These dresses are not only perfect for weddings, but they are perfect for any special occasion... because who likes spending a lot of money for something that will only be worn once. Take a look at the simple but beautiful designs!


Sixpence Boutique loves the inspiration of timeless vintage lace! All these flower girl dresses have a relaxed, simple, and boho look that is a light fabric which makes it perfect for beach, summer, or spring weddings. The embroidery detail is gorgeous on these designs. We want her to walk and feel unique and beautiful! All these dresses are uniquely made for any little girl.

The Claire: The "Claire" is not ordinary it is extraordinary! It has a vintage inspiring and Boho look that grabs all attention. The Claire is a short sleeve crochet lace with tulle that creates a gorgeous feminine look. The upper chest is full of flower crochet, and has beautiful sewing techniques and the bottom of the dress.  The detailing on the Claire is precise and makes your little girl the talk of the town!

She will look so sweet in "The Bella." This dress is too cute for words, and she will shine anywhere she wears it! The Bella is floor length that comes in White and Ivory.The gorgeous ribbon in the back is made of satin, and the dress is made of the softest lace. The antique lace is stretchy, comfy, and well fitted. The detail work on the lace is something that will catch all eyes. The Bella is a gorgeous gown that is modern, boho and vintage inspired!


How amazing... gorgeous flower girl dresses that she can wear again!!

The Alice: This vintage dress is versatile! It is perfect for any occasion. The style is ideal for rustic, boho, and vintage occasions, and it comes with a beautiful chiffon flower sash that completes the look. If you love the Boho and a vintage look you will certainly love the Alice. The detail on this dress is truly inspiring. The Scoop neckline and pearl back closure create a breathtaking look