Never Skip a Bachelorette Party

When you are about to enter a wonderful new journey in life called marriage, it is only fair that you also celebrate the life you had before it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a proper ‘goodbye’ to your old life before you enter a new one. From all the wedding madness a bachelorette party is an amazing de stressor! The next few weeks will be all about you and your new partner, so take this time to enjoy the other important people in your life. Your friends and family will love getting to celebrating you before the big day. Its important celebrating a special milestone in the bride’s life in whatever way she likes! There are no rules to a bachelorette party, but for this one Cape Cod was the choice! Im excited to give you a taste of Nicole's bachelorette weekend in Cape Cod Provincetown! We spent two days there and today I'm sharing the highlights plus a few tips to planning an unforgettable getaway with your own bridal party crew!

What I loved most:

Bonding: Before the Bachelorette party weekend all of the bridesmaids of Nicole hardly knew each other on a personal level. Throughout the two days there we all developed such a close bond with one another. There were a lot of laughs, smiles, and memories that we will never forget. 

Heres A Few Tips About Planning:

One: Designate one or two group organizers (in this case it was Nicole's maid of honor and bridesmaids) and make sure to collect most payments prior to your trip. Everyone should enjoy themselves from the moment they walk in the door and not have to worry about making payments during the special events.

Two: Plan ahead! Get a general idea of what you're interested in doing by looking online and finding popular places and recommendations. 

Three: We all love food and drinks! But sometimes it can be a bit expensive eating and drinking out multiple times throughout the day! Right when we got to Cape Cod we went to a near by grocery store and purchased drinks and snacks! 

Four: Surprise & delight! In the case of a bachelorette party, it’s always fun to surprise the bride! We decorated the hotel room for Nicole, bought the bridal party t-shirts, got cute bridal party cups for the weekend... and it turned out to be really special!


Scroll for some fun!!!



Our Weekend:


Arrived at Cape Cod Provincetown

Stayed at Sandcastle Resort and Club

Went shopping for drinks and snacks

Went into town: Food and drinks at Brew House 1620

Bar Hopping


Woke up with margaritas 

Went to shops in town

Went to a drag show at the Crown & Anchor (highly recommend)

Dinner and drinks on the water at Fanizzi's 

Bar Hopping/ Karaoke 


Headed Home