Fall Campovida Wedding

My favorite season is on its way! we instantly fell in love with its unique color palette. If this wedding were packaged up on a shelf and ready to pop in my shopping cart, I'd be running to the checkout! Larissa perfectly captured every Pinterest-worthy detail of the day. Prepare to spend a little extra time on this one, it's a real beauty!


 We were engaged in September and married the following October. I tried to wait until January to start planning, people told us to just enjoy the engagement… but I couldn’t help myself. I had the venue booked by November and everything fell into place from there. Campovida is one of the dreamiest places I’ve ever seen. It’s modeled after an Italian garden, which we thought was fitting given our engagement. Living in northern California, we were excited to take advantage of the beauty in our backyard and marry outside. Campovida was everything we hoped for but it was a bit of a surprise for our Midwestern Catholic families who expected us to hold the ceremony in a church. I think that once they saw the property they understood the draw. It was really important to us to spend the weekend surrounded by our family and friends and to create a space to celebrate in that felt natural for both our midwestern families and California friends. It meant the world to us that people traveled across the country to be with us and we wanted to make sure they enjoyed themselves.

The tree we were married under was one of the most special things about our wedding…the symbolism of the 600+ year old root structure growing beneath us as we said our vows in front of our family and friends was too perfect. The sun setting behind it made for the most stunning photos and we couldn’t have gotten more lucky with the weather. One of our closest friends married us. We decided we didn’t want to know what he was going to say ahead of time which could have been stressful but ended up being so sweet. His words were so poignant and perfect, it was such a lovely moment for both of us.



From the Bride... Brock and I met in the car camping line at Coachella in 2013. I had come to the festival with my sister and her group of friends but as soon as we got there, she immediately ran off to hang out with someone more interesting, leaving me alone in a long line with nothing to do. I approached the man in front of me and the rest is history. We spent the next day at the festival going to shows with our friends. When he decided to peel off from the group to go to the Two Door Cinema Club show, I followed along and it was there we had our first kiss. The song was Something Good Can Work and 5 years later, I walked down the aisle to it. It’s hard to pinpoint these things but I think I knew he was the one when we said good-bye. The Monday after a great weekend is always difficult but it was especially hard to leave Brock. I remember him texting me mere minutes after I drove away and that’s when I knew he was different. He wasn’t trying to play it cool and neither was I. We were all in then and have been ever since.

We ended up spontaneously returning to the desert for weekend two of the festival, Brock booking a last minute flight and me picking him up from the airport. A few weeks later I moved from LA to SF, where he lived. And five years later, we took a trip to the Amalfi Coast where he asked me to marry him. Looking back on it, I think I knew it was coming…it seemed like the perfect opportunity, a daytrip to Positano with lunch at Le Sirenuese, arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world. He asked me on the beach, neither of us remember exactly what he said but we both knew I said yes! All I remember after was the feeling of floating and the insanely blue water off the beach.




Ceremony/Reception: Campovida
Flower Girl Dress: Sixpence Boutique & Co
Florals: Amanda Vidmar
Photographer: Larissa Cleveland
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