Dusty Blue Wedding

"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Silver Sixpence in her shoe." 
Many of you may wonder why I named my shop Sixpence Boutique & Company... Well now you have an idea. It's from this wedding rhyme. A bride should include somewhere in her wedding outfit or carry a sixpence with her on her wedding day. They are small tokens of love that are a form of good luck.
Something Blue: No matter what your color palette is you can always find a way to include a little blue. You can wrap a blue ribbon around your flowers, have blue on the bottom of your wedding shoe, or incorporate it on your dress. 
Having a blue wedding is not only traditional and a sign of good luck, but it's elegant, vintage, and deeply meaningful.
I love dusty blue... maybe it is the mix of gray and blue that makes it so elegant and modern. Dusty palettes are a growing wedding trend, and more couples go for this look for their wedding colors. Dusty blue reception designs and wedding cakes are gorgeous! 
Dusty Blue pairs really well with many colors. You can include other color combinations to your dusty blue, and it flows together so naturally. Continue reading and check out these wedding ideas and inspirations for this upcoming wedding season, and say goodbye to winter blues!!!!!!!!

There are many inspiring shades of blue trending in 2019, but mine happens to be dusty blue. The beautiful woman in the middle has a dusty shade of blue on, and you can tell how well all these colors blend so well together. It is gorgeous when each bridesmaid is wearing a different shade of color, and all of them go so beautifully together. These colors are soft, elegant, and simply perfect. Including white is such a wise choice with the dusty blue, and creates breath-taking pictures.

Dusty blue is taking the wedding industry, and creates romantic prettiness. These colors will never go out of style. Blue creates such a timeless and classic look that everyone loves. You can never go wrong adding greenery in flower bouquets.. Greenery is very versatile for any wedding arrangement! it provides texture and a natural look on your wedding day.

Adding blush with this powder blue is so appealing.Look how beautiful not only the bride is, but how beautiful the bridesmaids are!!! These color blues are the top trend!

Wearing blue shoes, or wearing blue somewhere in your wedding outfit has become extremely popular. People look for subtle ways to include blue into their wedding to continue the tradition on the rhyme "Something olde, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe." Have a little fun with incorporating it into your wedding! It is a charming ritual and doing this is such a cute way to add that special touch to your wedding.

Why not incorporate this popular color by receiving good luck ! This beautiful option will inspire you! Even if you're not a big fan of blue blue wedding cakes truly look amazing and unique. Blues come in various hues so there are so many options. You can have a white wedding cake and add blue flowers or ribbon to it. It's such a pretty vintage style to add to your wedding day.

Blue wedding invitations are perfect if you're trying to create a calm and serene feeling. 

Table arrangements for your wedding look beautiful with added greenery. Centerpieces with blue tones create a dream wedding.

These flower girl dresses would be perfect for any wedding! Each design is handmade with extreme detailed lace. The lace is made of the softest fabric, and will make any little girl shine. They are not only comfortable, stretchy, and high quality, but they are classic, trendy, and beautiful! Sixpence Boutique & Co specializes in the the cutest flower girl dresses for weddings, baptisms, christening, communion, easter, and other special events at the lowest prices possible! These gorgeous dresses are ready for immediate shipping.

Complete your bridal party by having the littlest and cutest one shine bright with high quality dresses made of chiffon, lace, satin, cotton, and tulle. 

Each dress is wrapped beautifully in tissue paper with blue ribbon! If that doesn't begin your wedding with Something Blue, than I don't know what will!!!!