2019 Wedding Trends

Everyone knows planning your 2019 wedding can be fun, exciting, overwhelming, and stressful at the same time. Seriously.. how can it be easy to choose the perfect table decor, fashion, designs, reception location, theme, color, activities, and more.. to make your special day extra special. Months before weddings are hectic and the feeling is indescribable. I am so excited and looking forward to the 2019 wedding season! We are here to help you display the trends of 2019!! Everyone knows couples are keen to make sure that their special day is an amazing one, but also to make sure that it doesn't cost them a million dollars! 

Keep scrolling and see the latest trends and ideas!

You saw him from afar, the guy of your wildest dreams.

Bohemian Weddings & Pampas Grass

New wedding ideas come along and pampas grass is one of them! I love the look it brings! It is the latest trend to use in your ceremony. You can incorporate it in any part of your wedding.. from a centerpiece, bouquets, or a wedding arch. It creates such a romantic bohemian look that is stylish and inspiring. It is a must have in your wedding!


Boho dried blooms is a timeless style and putting your own personality in your decor makes it even more beautiful! Foliage, heavy bouquets, and pampas grass continue to be the growing trend! Flowers, blooms, and grass makes everything come alive, and the look is breath-taking. 

Including Flowers

Flower garlands are essential to a wedding! They just get more and more popular and are critical for your day to remember. Keeping things simple to refined elegance with decor and airy colors create a gorgeous look!

Greenery, flowers, and foliage with natural and simple looks are breathtaking trends for 2019. Weddings are about creating a day that lasts a lifetime! Every couple incorporates their creativity in their own way, and it is always changing! Nature inspired elements are perfect choices for centerpieces. There are many styles and trends that are presented through peoples ideas and innovation, and it is truly amazing.

Some of the trends that never go out of style are rustic like weddings, backyard weddings, and barn weddings; it develops a relaxed, intimate, affordable, and cozy feel. Grazing tables are such a popular choice!


"Where there is love there is life"

The flower girl is stunning and one of the most important roles in your wedding party. Since little girls grow so fast, it is a good idea to purchase your flower girl dress closer to the wedding. Shop the most stylish flower girl dresses for your Boho Wedding at Sixpence Boutique & Co. There's something about cute flower girl dress that makes us say awe!! Sixpence Boutique offers stylish flower girl dresses for your little girl. 


The flower girl and her dress are big points on your to-do list. Check out our collection and find the perfect timeless lace dress for the cute, adorable girl who introduces the bride to the crowd. She will win everyones heart and smiles as she walks down the aisle. These trendy flower girl dresses are highlights of 2019 weddings.. they never go out of style. 


Adding cute little gifts to say thank you to your flower girl is essential! The cutest member on your wedding deserves a little something to make her sparkle and feel special. Flower girls help to make your wedding ceremony romantic and sweet. We have to make sure the flower girl is all about the trend too right? of course! Everything looks better in mini size. 


Is this not the sweetest? All of these dresses are made of the softest lace. We all know how itchy and uncomfortable flower girl dresses can be as a kid.. not these!! The "Bella" and "Claire" are not only the timeless trend, but they're top quality fabrics. 


 Embrace Color

Incorporating the Gen Z Yellow in your Bohemian wedding is gorgeous! Blush, Grey, Green, and ivory are trendy colors for your special day. Pastael colors are perfect for any wedding and create an unforgettable display. Having every part of your wedding tell a story including your colors and theme is simply beautiful! 


The New Rustic Trend

Updated rustic trends by spicing it up with industrial elegance! While barn weddings, backyard weddings, and country weddings are timeless and classic couples are spicing it up using raw metal and brick decorations! Take a look! 

The added Boho look in this rustic industrial theme wedding is beautiful!

Look at the gorgeous lighting! 

Royal Weddings:

In the year of two royal weddings Harry and Meghan show the trends for weddings in 2019. People continue to copy the royal wedding statement. Refined details in lace is a timeless quality. Key aspects for bridal gowns are with long sleeves, bows, ribbons, feathers, crystals, and pearls. 

Check out a royal wedding Flower Girl wearing The Bella is floor length that comes in White and Ivory.The gorgeous ribbon in the back is made of satin, and the dress is made of the softest lace. The Bella has long sleeves with a straight across neckline that will make her look elegant and lovely.The antique lace is stretchy, comfy, and well fitted. The detail work on the lace is something that will catch all eyes. The Bella has a high quality cotton slip under the lace and is a vintage inspired floral lace dress. 

Get yours here: https://sixpenceboutique.com/products/bella-flower-girl-dress-in-white

Trending bridal gowns that create a refined vintage look that we absolutely love!!

 Back Drops:

Unique backdrops are the perfect prop for photography for your wedding. You can create a photo area that will create beautiful pictures with long-lasting memories.

 Smoke Bombs

Sparkler exits are beautiful and create great pictures, but these smoke bombs look even better! It truly is so capturing.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are a top trend during overwhelming wedding months. I love the idea of this. It contains all fun and cute things for your wedding! It could contain darling bride slippers, pajamas, silky robes, a bride mug, jewelry, facial products, and more. Who wouldn't want a subscription box?? Everyone loves goodies especially to relax before the big day.

Meaningful Personalization

Meaningful messages that create emotional and sentimental feelings are the new chase! how cute is it to look down and see a heart-warming note from your significant other.

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